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Throughout this project we’ve asked you to get involved – and boy, did you ever.  We’ve been absolutely floored by the outpouring of ideas, feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions, and support that you’ve shared with us over the past several months.  It’s truly been an honor to work with you.

As we prepare to hand off this plan to the Neighborhood Associations, Lombard Re-Imagined has one more request for you to get involved.  We’ve put together a lot of project ideas for Lombard based on things you said you wanted to see, complete with action plans, people who can help, and sources of funding.  But at the end of June, it’s going to be up to people like you to take those ideas and action plans and see them through into reality.

One of our most important recommendations for Lombard is that neighbors, businesses, and property owners form a “Friends of Lombard” group that can be a voice for the street and coordinate action for change.  Action can come in many forms: writing an e-mail to the Bureau of Transportation to request an upgrade to a traffic signal, helping to plant a tree, work with a team to write a grant to fund better trash management along the corridor…there are lots of ways that you can help.  You can come to meetings or be an online ally.

The Kickoff Meeting for Friends of Lombard is right around the corner.  Want to be an part of positive change in your neighborhood?  Show Lombard some Love. E-mail us at lombardreimagined@gmail.com and we’ll get you tied in.


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