Stewardship Group

Do you think Lombard street needs some love?

It’s time to get organized!

Change on Lombard is possible, but it will require a coordinated effort from committed people. We’ve talked to nearly 1,000 people during this project – people who care about this street and what it means to their neighborhood. That’s a lot of people – and that could be a strong voice. A dedicated group of businesses, property owners, residents, and institutions, working together with city and state agency staff, can make a huge difference in making Lombard a better place.

What would a Friends of Lombard Group do?

• Act as a VOICE for the street.

• Work as a TEAM to accomplish goals

• Use the STRATEGIES in the Lombard Re-Imagined plan to guide action

• Build PARTNERSHIPS between neighbors, businesses, and city/state agencies

• LEAD efforts for positive change in the neighborhood

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