Online Open House

Our Online Open House is now closed. Thank you to everyone who stopped by in person or online to share your thoughts! Look for our final report in early June. 

Why Are We Here?

We asked you for your opinions and your ideas and you gave us an earful! The purpose of this open house is to verify and clarify what we heard from you. Did we hit the mark? Did we miss something? Now is your opportunity to let us know if we have interpreted your input accurately before we draft a final set of strategies and recommendations. This is YOUR Lombard. Now is your opportunity to make sure that we got it right.

What are the Goals of the Project?

Based on the input that we have gathered from neighborhood groups and through public outreach, we have developed the following goals for the future of Lombard:

  • Lombard will be a safe, accessible, and functional transportation corridor that balances the needs of all users and modes of travel.
  • Lombard will have a pleasant, attractive, and inviting streetscape that encourages pedestrian activity and contributes to a sense of place.
  • Lombard will be home to vibrant, distinctive business districts that serve the needs of surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Lombard will receive ongoing support and stewardship from community members and organizations.

Please click below on the list of our possible strategies and action items to review them.

Business Districts


Trees & Sidewalk Amenities

Area Specific Improvements

Stewardship Group 

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