About Swift Planning Group

Swift Planning Group is a team of six graduate students from Portland State University’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program.

Kathryn Doherty-ChapmanKathryn Doherty-Chapman – Project Manager

Kathryn has a bachelors in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University. A native of North Portland, she has worked in community economic development and youth bicycle education in Philadelphia and beyond, and is most passionate about making cities safe and pleasant to walk in.

During Lombard Reimagined, Kathryn loved, riding her bicycle through N. Portland, enjoying beautiful historic homes and gardens along the way and discovering the history and diversity of North Portland neighborhoods. In particular she enjoyed seeing live music at the Kenton Club and eating tacos at King Burrito.

*After graduation, Kathryn started working as a technical analyst with the SFpark team at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Now she enjoys riding her bicycle up and down the crazy hills of SF and enjoying tacos all over town!
Email Kathryn- k.dohertychapman AT Gmail.com

Zef Wagner – EditorWagner

Zef has lived in Portland for a year and a half. He grew up in Ames, Iowa, a small midwestern college town. He received his bachelors degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, then moved to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle where he lived for four years before moving to Portland.

His favorite place to go in North Portland is Cathedral Park because the St Johns Bridge is so beautiful. He also likes the surrounding neighborhood because it has a small-town feel while still being part of the big city. Email Zef- zef.wagner AT Gmail.com

Brian Hurley – Research Leadbrian Hurley

Brian’s academic interests involve increasing active and alternative transportation use throughout American cities. He earned his bachelors degree in Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh with concentrations in Historic Preservation and Geographic Information Systems. He has previous professional experience in transportation planning with the City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning, and as a GIS technician with the Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. Prior to his involvement in urban planning, Brian was active in bicycle advocacy and social justice issues in the Pittsburgh region. In his free time he enjoys visiting urban parks. Email Brian- Bhurley At PDX.edu

Jake WarrJake Warr – Technical Lead

Jake moved to Portland from Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been here for a year and a half. Like Zef, his favorite place in North Portland is Cathedral Park.  Walking underneath the St. John’s Bridge (one of his favorites bridges in Portland) and looking down to the Willamette through the frame of the bridge’s supports is cooler than most things he can think of.  It’s a great example of how space that is traditionally unattractive and potentially dangerous can be an amazing community asset with some creative treatment.  Email Jake- warr.jake AT Gmail.com

Rebecca HamiltonRebecca Hamilton – Public Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca has lived in Portland for over 8 years and is happy to call Oregon home.  She has a professional background in science and watershed management but is working towards a degree in planning to pursue her love of public spaces and safe, walkable neighborhoods. She is currently working as the Senior Transportation Planner at Lancaster Engineering. Her favorite place in North Portland is Cafe De La Soul – it’s hard to beat a pulled pork omelette and Stevie Wonder on the speakers on a Saturday morning.  She’d like to thank everyone in the neighborhood who has taken time out of their day to talk to her team and be a part of this project. Email Rebecca- R.hamilton AT PDX.edu

Jodi Jacobson-Swartfager – Design LeadprofileJodi

Jodi has lived in Portland for nearly 13 years. She moved here shortly after high school from Spokane Washington. She received her bachelors degree in Community Development from Portland State University. She is currently the Business Development Coordinator at Greater Portland Inc.

Jodi has lived in several neighborhoods in North Portland and it is her absolute favorite part of town. Some of her favorite things to do in North Portland include riding her her bike along Willamette Blvd, watching the sunset from the bluffs and walking her dog in the Boise-Elliot Neighborhood. Email Jodi- jodilee1981 AT gmail.com.

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