Welcome to Lombard Re-Imagined

Join us Tuesday October 14th for a WALKTOBER walk along Lombard Street!
Info at: http://walktoberpdx.org/event/re-imagine-lombard-street/?date=2014-10-14 

Let’s Re-Imagine Lombard! More crossings, nicer sidewalks, public spaces, safer speeds…these are just a few of the changes that could make Lombard a better street for people. Join the Friends of Lombard and make new friends while learning about the challenges and opportunities of remaking North Lombard Street. This walk will start at the Max station at Interstate, go West along Lombard St, and end at the Foggy Notion bar at 3416 N Lombard Street. For those 21 and over, we can share a drink and discuss the future of Lombard Street.

The final report is complete!

A Guidebook for a Better Lombard outlines the community vision for Lombard’s future and the project team’s recommendations for how to work towards that vision. The Portland State University graduate planning students that make up Swift Planning Group worked with the Kenton, Arbor Lodge, and Piedmont Neighborhood Associations for the past five months studying Lombard Street between MLK Blvd and Chautauqua Blvd, listening to what improvements neighborhood residents and business owners would like to see in the corridor.

The Guidebook is written for neighborhood organizations and an emerging Friends of Lombard group, which will act as a voice for the street and work to make improvements outlined in the report. The report includes recommendations for crossing improvements, streetscape amenities such as trees and benches, new public spaces and developing a business district organization.  This effort includes both short-term and long-term projects that will help create a more walkable and dynamic Lombard Street that better serves neighbors and visitors than it does currently.

Click below to download the full PDF report and appendices-
A Guidebook for a Better Lombard
Appendix A: Implementation Table
Appendix B: Existing Conditions Report
Appendix C: Survey Report
Appendix D: Technical Analysis

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Interested in being part of the team that will be carrying out these recommendations? Send us an email: lombardreimagined@gmail.com.